About Gothic Villa

Malta provides a real fantastic background for the Gothic scene. Everywhere on the island are mystical locations and occults reminiscent of a long, long forgotten time. Nowhere else can you feel the breath of time better than in one of the many abandoned places of the past.
Malta the land of gods, myths, knights and legends is like a breeding ground for the gothic culture.
Immerse yourself in the otherworld and show through your gothic style, clothes and robes what really moves your mind.

It is said that Malta has been a predominantly Catholic country ever since St Paul was shipwrecked on the Maltese Islands in 60AD. Mysticism, however, has been around since prehistory, and it continues in the background. Catholic disapproval of alternative religions and practices in Malta often makes them taboo and sometimes hard to find, yet while some are merely kept low-key, others are shrouded in secrecy to protect practitioners from social stigma. Only some of these are more widely accepted.

The Gothic Villa project raised from the idea of bringing the extravagant clothing style of Gothic culture to Malta. Fans of esoteric and mysticism should be offered a local online platform here so that they can easily buy unusual Gothic clothing online locally. Personal delivery and good service are clearly our focus. We are basically an online shop, but we are physically in Malta and therefore always locally available.

Mwaka Mary Namukonde, Owner of www.Gothic-Villa.com